Additional Resources

Adoption can be an overwhelming and confusing idea. Whether you are just starting out or have been looking into adoption for some time, we can help. You may have questions and have no idea where to begin to get the answers. Have a specific question? Ask us now.

We hope that the adoption resources listed below will inspire, guide, and bring success as you pursue your journey to adopt a baby or child:

Open Adoption

Read information on what open adoption entails today. It means raising your adopted child with honesty. In an open adoption, adoptive families are able to tell their child about the love that their birth family had for them: enough to choose adoption for them. Open adoption means having access to your child’s birth family medical history when available. And it means treasuring your child, knowing his or her birth parents chose you to parent their child for a lifetime.

Lifetime Adoption

Lifetime Adoption is an independent adoption facilitator, bonded and registered with the State of California. With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Lifetime Adoption was founded in 1986 and completes approximately 140 adoptions each year.

Bi-Racial Adoptions

Bi-Racial Adoptions helps adoptive parents adopt the baby or child of their dreams. As infertility on the rise, more bi-racial and African American couples are turning to adoption to build their families.

This is good news to the birth mothers who are hoping to find an adoptive family with some understanding of their own race and culture.

Christian Adoption Online

Christian Adoption Online’s nationwide domestic adoption program was designed both for those who are thinking of placing their baby for adoption, and for those who have turned to adoption as the result of infertility. This adoption program is very inclusive and has an excellent reputation for providing successful domestic adoptions. You can trust us and our dedicated staff to help build a Christian adoption for you!

African American Adoptions Online

Are you interested in adopting an African American baby or child? African American Adoptions Online can help!

Our African American Enrichment Program is designed to help qualified families afford to adopt infants, children, or sibling groups.

lifetime foundationLifetime Foundation

Lifetime Foundation assists families who are caring for or desire to care for children who would otherwise be in difficult situations or state care.

We help through providing adoption grants for families opening their hearts to hard-to-place children.

Adoption Home Study Report

If you’ve just begun to explore adoption, you may have heard the term “HOME STUDY” and wondered what exactly it is. This website includes a special free report to explain the adoption home study requirements and answer the simple question, “What is a home study?”

Called to Adoption

Many Christians have felt a call from God to adopt a child, and have decided to learn more about the miracle of families created through adoption. We are happy to provide you help and resources as you discern the Lord’s will for your life. There are many varieties of adoption today. Learn more about being Called to Adoption!